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It was my day off and I was looking for a layin The phone rang, it was Chris, when I did asktiava was, I said nothing today to ask not just a bad day when I asked if I would come I thought to myself the opportunity to prepare and I'll be there in about 20 minutes. When I got there and Chris opened the asktiava door, I saw wearing a short skirt, unusual for Chris and her skirts were always below the knee. We went into the living room and sat on the couch Chris asked asktiava me what I was asktiava thinking the other day. I said I 'm asktiava a little surprised but very happy. She said she wants over time asktiava to make love to me, if I asked him where he wanted to go from here, his response was, I thought that was obvious, sliding his arm around my neck pulling me towards her, our lips met and our kiss was very passionate about my hand slid down her body, cupping her breasts gently squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefinger lifted my shirt Chris and bent to kiss his head on my chest and nibbling slid my other hand on the back and the skirt she had nothing Sun ran his fingers under her ass to her pussy I felt her pussy was very wet, as my finger entered her, I could hear her scream and moan as I felt his hands go around my penis while on the one hand, opened his trousers with the other going down, kisses for my cock like it outside the confines of my boxers without a break, she asktiava took in her mouth sucking everything in the ground head changes freely up and down that he had two fingers in her pussy and felt her soaking my hand with her juices then slid to the ground I took off my pants and knelt between her legs sucking my dick again and I could suck allover pinching feel my cumm increase and I knew I could too, but they did not listen exploded in the mouth, but she swallows it until I was ready then let my cock allover drip I could feel the hot and sticky. Chris looked at me and smiled, I felt that my career cumPlanning for the ass before that what was happening, she lowered her head and knew that I began to lick and suck my balls cock asktiava cum clean has always been difficult, I never felt like you were on fire I wanted was close to stroke my cock in her pussy and, but it was not her, but she said that the whole ground, and when I got there it was down to straddle my face so I could suck her pussy could and could mean asktiava language has been in her pussy and her clit driving her wild drenching my face and then he left her juices flowing all over my body, which was out of breath and pushed her pussy hard against my face. I rolled on me and slid slowly between her legs made ​​my cock in her wet pussy put her legs around me and tried to pull me deep inside her, but would only be the tip of her clitoris torment and I shuddered drove my car all the way to let out a moan that threatened the dead, who came from the depths, as a resultI slowly pumped deeper, he said, for God's sake, you stick it in the ass that needed no second telling she turned hit his ass in the air as she pushed and as I almost cried more, more, and I felt blows my cock and while cumm him out of his ass and went directly into her pussy as if he touched my mouth. I was running soaking bucket loads grab her legs and slid her pussy so my cock while I had cumm. As he recovered, he asked me where is that from here, he said he did not know until you cum in me, so I asked Bill about us, take care of them said that in any way. She said that after she had been thinking the last time I went and bought some clothes and go to look for when we are together and I never use underwear. Chris got up and got dressed and said he would come out and we did and I could not believe that this is the same Chris had known I was in all these years
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Jeudi 10 mai 4 10 /05 /Mai 10:30

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